Restoring health through individualized Nutrition

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Medical Testing


In depth neurotransmitter and micronutrient testing to help you truly understand what health options will be most effective.



High quality medical supplements meant to help you achieve your goals and remove the guess work.

Meal Plans

Meal plans

Meal plans and nutritional counseling sessions tailor made for the individual. We take the mystery out of dieting by creating plans that work best for your body.


Here is what people are saying about us:

Through the plan and working with Ana, I have hit one of my first milestones breaking the 300-pound barrier. As of December 5th I am down to 295 pounds, a loss of 45 pounds from my initial weight of 340 when I entered the plan three months ago. I went from a 52” waist to a 44” waist and I know I still have a bit to go to hit my end target of 260, but I know I will be able to do it as I look forward to the challenge.
—Corporate Wellness Program
To date, I have learned so much about meal plans and being healthy by making the right choices on a daily basis to eat right and exercise on a schedule that fits my life style. I appreciate the professionalism since our 1st call...you are very easy to talk to and have been very thorough about understanding my entire medical history in an effort to design a plan that works for me. Now I know I am on a solid plan as long as I continue with the program as I am losing weight and feeling better.
—Client Testimonial
Dear Ana, Thank you so much for being a speaker at our Leon Valley Earthwise Living event, 'Wholesome Planet, Healthy You.' It was so informative and enlightening; and well-received by all who heard it! Looking forward to having you as a guest speaker at our next event!
—Onsite Nutrition Education Presentation

About Ana

My name is Ana Primera, born and raised here in this beautiful city of San Antonio, I understand that embracing the southern culture doesn't always coincide with a "healthy lifestyle". This is why in my 7 years of nutrition and functional medicine I believe that it's all about balance and accepting healthier behavior changes rather than rounds of dieting. When we look at "diseases" as "imbalances", it becomes easier to find the underlying causes and treat them at the source. As your nutritionist I will ask for recent labs, past medical history, your list of prescriptions and supplements, intolerance's, allergens, etc. These clues help me identify where the issues lie that maybe keeping you from achieving your wellness goals. I educate and care for everyone with an individualized plan. Allow me to help you get those labs within healthy ranges, to see food and supplementation as the proper tools to help give your body what it needs to heal and function properly for a better quality of life!